Friday, March 22, 2013

Life, liberty and Rand Paul

Dear Rand Paul,
I would like to take this day to salute you. You are the new hybrid that our founding fathers had in mind when they created this great nation that we all call home. You are neither democrat nor republican or even independent, you are America. You share the views of the majority of the working class of this country and when I say this it includes the rich to the poor, the key word is “working”. Rand people say your old man is just a tad bit on the crazy side with his ideas, I say they are scared because he is just another old white guy with progressive ideas that are game changers, you are the man that can bridge that gap between “crazy” and “game changer”. The Republican Party is in at a turning point in their existence and without drastic change they will fail.  For years they have marched out the same old white guy with a tired agenda touting how he can fix everything with the same methods that failed the previous shuffle board playing blue hair trying to figure out why Florida looks a lot like DC while liberals sit back and laugh while enjoying yet another tofu and solar sandwich in their chaffered electric car which was paid for with taxpayer dollars enjoying the fact that you will forever be stuck in neutral while they lap you faster than Ricky Bobby can say shake-n-bake.  Well here is a little warning to those people who previously called campuses such as Berkley home….Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, etc. (I’m still just humble enough to not add my name to the list quite yet) are the new rock stars on the block and they are just what this great nation needs to bring itself from the brink that we are teetering on and move us forward and continue to claim our spot at the top of the medal stand.  Keep up the good fight Rand and if you need anyone to tap in for you on another marathon session on the floor give me a call, I’ll be your wingman anytime.
PS. Happy Friday peeps and the weather is looking sunny and warm for the weekend so enjoy it with a cocktail on the porch swing or wherever you may be and remember……If your aunt had nuts she would be your uncle.

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