Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Locals are the life blood of our region

Dear Glenn County Board of Supervisors,
I was very proud of you last year when you stood up against the liberal side of the river and voted down a ban of alcohol on the Sacramento River on the local holiday that we call Labor Day. But alas you have now taken a page out of the Bloomberg playbook and decided that government knows what is best for us the people. As a formal reveler in this beer drinking shenanigans of a weekend I do know that some people tend to overindulge themselves and some ladies reminded me that God will indeed bless me with daughters when I decide to procreate. The problem does not for the most part lie in the student or local population that partakes in this weekend and many other weekends on the river or on the town in our great region the issue revolves around outsiders and those who lack common sense.  The tragedy that occurred on the river last Labor Day that triggered the uproar among local politicians was a sad reminder of this. Yes, the kid from Cal Poly did have booze in his system but was also hopped up on cocaine and left by his so called friends the day he drowned. Let’s see here Alex I will take the cause of most of Chico’s problems for a $1,000...The answer is; “Non local, drugs and lack of common sense and responsibility”, you are correct! Chico State students and people who call this area home have never been the problem, yes we do like to have fun but we use common sense and have pride in our community in doing so. Stop blaming the people who make Chico what it is and start addressing the problems that have always and will continue to be the issue, we don’t need a mother we need leadership.
PS.  Happy hump day peeps and although the rains has dampened this farmer’s day make the most out of this first day of spring and remember…..What you do when you are blacked out drunk is none of your business.

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