Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Voting your way to marriage

Dear Supreme Court Protesters,
Most of you know that I being the quiet and reserved type I tend to never lend my opinion on issues that are deemed so hot buttoned that it would ruin the political aspirations I have said no one ever.  As most of you scream, holler and scamper your way on TV to state your point about Prop. 8 what is lost in the whole argument is that this law was established by the vote of the people of California and not enacted by local or state government.  Let me repeat that for all of you…It was put into place by the majority vote of the people of our great state. If this logic that you are using holds true where the popular vote does not count anymore in our nation then I want hearings next week to repeal barry from the highest office in the land and to completely revamp Senate and Congress. Listen, I support any kind of marriage because that just means more opportunity for free cocktails and mic dropping speeches along with the possibility of a bridesmaid becoming the future Mrs. Monroe. I don’t care if you’re a man and a woman or man and a man or women and a women or dog and cat if you love someone that is all that matters.  Contrary to popular belief you do not need a piece of paper and the government’s approval to let someone know you love them and with the way the sanctimony of marriage is treated in this day and age it basically amounts to a generous tax break and the distinct possibility of splitting up your assets and children’s home life in a few years. Whatever side you are on when it comes to the marriage issue it is appalling to me to compare Prop. 8 to the plight of blacks at the turn on the century or Jews during World War II, at no time did anyone hang you for the color of your skin or burned you and your family for who you prayed to. So I have a plan for you that most people in this great nation that we call the United State do when we want change…VOTE. If you think something is unconstitutional get out and November and cast your ballot and if enough people believe in your cause or ideas it will happen, it is one of the principles that we were founded on and still value to this day.
PS. Happy hump day peeps so give a hug to whomever or whatever you love and remember……The next time you are chopping lettuce to cry, it will make onions feel much better about themselves.

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