Friday, June 21, 2013

Everyone has a father of the year

Dear Dads,
A holiday recently passed last weekend with very little fanfare and in currently my fifth day of recovery from the life altering event known as Las Vegas I failed to make it a point to recognize the many out there who fall into the category that this celebration recognizes that have made such an impact in our lives both past and present. Yes I’m talking about the guy who took you to your first baseball game. It’s the man who showed you how to treat a lady right. The person who gave you your first beer whether it be on a ride around the ranch, a walk on the beach or just sitting under a shade tree by the porch talking about what’s been going on at school. He’s that guy who taught you right from wrong and whooped your ass when you got out of line instead of putting you into “timeout”. He’s the gentleman who showed you how to open a door for a lady and offer her a coat when she’s cold. You all know who I’m talking about and be it biological, step or just the person who was man enough to raise you here is a big shout out to the dad’s out there. We all have a story that comes from the heart when we think about our dad. They do things that may be out of their comfort zone for the simple fact that they are proud to call you a son or daughter. Being someone who’s love of sports has no boundaries and a father who thought that if you had boundless energy to focus on baseball and football that you surely should be centering that same energy on work yet he was in the corner of the stands through every game and every season from adolescents to college be it home or away to see how his boy was doing. After every game win or lose I knew I could count on a nod of approval as I walked off the field even if he didn’t know the difference between a base hit or a long fly ball for an out (trust me he is now quite the junkie for the simple fact of having 3 boys). So here’s to you pops, you have always been the man who can still let me know when you are proud of me with a simple smile yet can make the greatest impact by simply stating “I’m disappointed”  which as all of you know is the greatest motivational factor there is when uttered from a dads mouth.  Thank you for making me the person I am today.
PS. Happy Friday peeps and I hope it’s as beautiful and sunny where you are at as it is in rice country. Raise your glasses and cheers to a great weekend you all deserve it and remember….Be someone’s favorite hello and also their hardest goodbye.

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