Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things that no longer matter in this country...Voting

Dear Supreme Court,
The definition of “democracy” as stated by Merriam-Webster is: “government by the people; especially: rule of the majority”. We will get back to this in a moment…..I’ve always thought that it was an honor every year on the 1st Tuesday in November that as a citizen of the United States of America I was able to walk into a local church, library, community center, etc. and cast my vote for whatever local, state or federal election or proposition concerning myself or my community that’s on the ballot and know that no matter if the outcome was in my favor or against my beliefs  it was fair and the voice of the majority of the people of this nation would be heard. The great thing about the democratic society that we live in is that unlike other countries when it’s time to vote I do not have to live in fear of my opinion or worry about having my finger or hand lopped off because of who or what I’m voting for. All I knew was that the populous vote mattered. (And this didn’t sit well with me after that obama reelection). Today the Supreme Court decided that the majority of voting Californians beliefs does not matter. All of you know that I don’t care who you marry whether it be race, religion or sexual preference. I’ve stated before that if you love someone you should be able to spend the rest of your life together and know that as long as you are happy that is all that matters. People look at this decision today by you and believe that it’s a win for equality and allows everyone the opportunity for a slight tax break and the probability of lining lawyer’s pockets as now the masses can experience the life altering event that we call “divorce”. But in reality it has nothing to do with this at all. Weather it had to do with same sex marriages or how many packages of bacon you can buy at one time (trust me if that was on the docket this guy would be all over the cameras) the bottom line is that you over turned the popular vote of the people of California and no matter how you feel about the subject it goes against what the aforementioned definition of democracy stands for. It’s a slap in the face of the Constitution and the citizens of our state. It teaches our children that if something doesn’t go your way all you have to do is hire a lawyer and throw money at it. Although I am happy for the numerous people out there who need to equate love to marriage it saddens me to know you needed the government to tell you that….Rock the Vote.
PS.  Happy hump day peeps hope you are enjoying this beautiful and mild summer day. I can smell the weekend and it’s definitely an aroma of fun and remember….I only want one shot of Fireball said nobody ever.

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