Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The gourmet meal simply known as the taco truck

Dear taco trucks,
You see them all over this great state. From empty parking lots scattered throughout any city or town to curbside at various beach fronts along the coast. With names like “Crazy Taco”, “Tacos el Gallo” and “Esto no es Perro Tacos” (Loosely translated to this isn’t dog you’re eating) they cook up a goodness that not many of us natives can pass up. Yes, I am talking about you taco truck and it’s s about time someone gives you your just dues. What is it about the smell of rice, beans, tortillas, Tapitio and various meats spewing from a health hazard on wheels that instantly leaves every Californian with a full stomach and a smile on their face from the most paleo unfriendly of treats that makes the mouth salivate. Two of my favorite things in life are Mexican food and convenience (along with beer, beaches, booze, farming and blondes…well you get the picture) and to combine these two things into a Guadalajara on wheels is genius on par with the invention on the light bulb and the mobile stripper pole and makes me happier than Kate Upton’s bikini. It doesn’t matter what shape the truck is in or who is loitering in front of it. Red tag from the state?....We still eat there. Shady part of town?.....We still stop. People looking like they just threw back some tap water from Tijuana?....we still ask for extra ice. The whole concept of the mobile taco stand is brilliant. You’re telling me I can get some meat, cheese, salsa and enough cilantro to keep every farmer in Salinas in business for the foreseeable future and put it all on a double tortilla and charge $1 a piece for them? I say give me a plate of 7 with some lime and radishes on the side along with an ice cold Pacifico to wash it down.  So as you are cruising home today thinking about your dinner options and are low on cash find yourself the nearest empty strip mall or parking lot and a feast that only a taco truck can provide awaits you.
PS. Happy hump day peeps and once again sorry so late today the farming gig that finances my adventures took precedence this morning.  Get outside and enjoy yourself some fun and sunshine and remember…..If Timmy has 10 pieces of bacon and eats 9 pieces what does Timmy have?...Pure happiness is what Timmy has.

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