Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev as told by Barack Obama

Dear Barack Obama,
Let’s see your administration is crumbling and at the heart of numerous scandals and wrong doings towards the people of this great nation so what do you think you should do to address these issues and right the wrongs that have been made? Hmmmmm…..Should you tell the people of this country that phone taps and surveillance done by the NSA was wrong no matter how it affected terrorism right or wrong? No that won’t work. Hmmmmm…. That you consider admitting to everyone that yourself and other members of your inner circle were behind the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS and punish everyone responsible for it? Nope that just wouldn’t be right. Hmmmmm…. Think about acting like the leader of the free world and take responsibility for your actions and step down as President of the United States? That just wouldn’t be prudent.  Wait! I know what you should do, why don’t you travel half a continent away to a country where lederhosen, strudel and Oktoberfest dominate everyday conversation (don’t get me wrong, being a card carrying member of the German heritage I love all these things) and give a speech that centers on nuclear arms reduction and global warming. I tell you this is brilliant! There is no better way to distract the world from what is going on in your own country than by first discussing a topic like nuclear weapons and a rivalry with the country formally known as the USSR that hasn’t been relevant since jelly beans were the snack of choice in the Oval Office and a certain Italian out of Philadelphia dominated the machine known as Ivan Drago in front of millions of screaming soldier’s in Moscow and then following it up with a fireside chat about “global warming” which was a term last coined by the state of Tennessee for the amount of power that Al Gore used to power his environmentally friendly 25,000 square foot house high atop the hill overlooking the common folks that he invented the world wide web for. Barry, let me throw and idea out there for you that just might work. After you’re done talking about events that are as relevant as the 8 track player how about you find a little place for you, Michelle and the kids and stay for a while. There is a reason why you are so popular in Europe and it’s not for your leadership skills or economic know how it’s because there is no other region in the world that likes a free ride and a handout more than the Spain’s, Greece’s and Italy’s of the world.  Enjoy daily bailouts and financial crisis’s that modern day socialism brings and let some true leaders get this great nation of ours back to where it needs to be.  
PS. Happy hump day peeps. Once again sorry for my tardiness on a busy day in rice country and remember……The first one through the door always gets bloody but he’s the leader that everybody follows.

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