Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The black lab and tennis balls....a love affair

Dear Labs,
Who is always there for you after a long day at work or a night on the town…..Your lab. Who is always happy to see you no matter how bad a day he had in the backyard dreaming of ducks and leftover bacon (You know it’s a dream because there is no such thing as leftover bacon)….Your lab. Who can you beat like it owes you money for numerous offenses such as the chewing of expensive property and digging out the new flowers yet 5 minutes later is wagging his tail at you with that legal crack known as the tennis ball in his mouth…Your lab. Who makes that new special someone in your life smile as they play with him on the carpet even though he is usually as welcome in the house as a man card is in the Bieb’s pocket…..Your lab. Dogs and especially labs are so ingrained into our lives that when we hear on the news that someone lost their life in an accident or at the hands of another human we don’t blink an eye but when Michel Vick decides to have his own personal version of gladiator minus Russell Crowe and the rapper formally known as Joaquin Phoenix the public is calling for his head. Labs bring much joy in our lives and over time they become a part of your family and people who don’t believe this are as soulless as a ginger tanning in Cabo in July. In fact labs make you do so many things out of the ordinary in your daily routine the next thing you know is you have a Facebook site and an Instagram feed full of nothing but pics of a black dog named after a man with an affinity for pudding pops and ugly sweaters relaxing in the back of the truck, running through the rice or swimming in a ditch chasing anything and everything that he can retrieve. It has come to the point that I take so many pictures of this dog that Asians on a first time trip to Disneyland would ask me to back away from the camera. I know there are many of you out there that could fill this column with story after story of something your lab did that the rest of the world would think was hilarious but actually is as funny to the rest of us as the slot machine known as the ATM flashing “insufficient funds” at you on a Friday night.  But that’s what labs do, they are our 4-legged children that we are proud of no matter what color they are whether it be yellow, brown or my personal favorite black. I just want to take the time to thank you Cosby for making my life much more interesting and for continuing to bring a smile to my face buddy.
PS. Sorry so late today peeps, life got in the way. Happy hump day on this start to a scorching hot stretch of the week so keep a cold drink your hand to cope and remember…..Whatever it takes. Don’t settle for anything else.

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  1. Love that the Blog is up and running. I have it bookmarked :)