Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Embrace agriculture and do the right thing Jerry Brown

Dear Governor Brown,

What do all these things have in common?

1.       What you eat every day.
2.       The clothes you wear.
3.       Creates jobs for over 350,000 people.
4.       Generates billions of dollars for the state’s economy.

Drum roll please….They are all brought to you by California Agriculture.

Today as we as a state celebrate agriculture on the steps of the Capitol and the bounty of all the things it brings to the “table” let’s remember where a lot of the awareness towards agriculture in California comes from both past and present….FFA, Ag. In the Classroom, and first and foremost the agriculture teachers at numerous public schools across the state. They volunteer their time for the aforementioned programs that allows kids who were raised on a farm or ranch to further their passion in the subject but also more importantly allows the ones who do not come from an agricultural background to be introduced to the industry and see exactly how the food we eat goes from the field to their dinner plates every day. The Ag. Incentive Grant that you removed from the state budget helps funds Ag. Education and programs like the FFA. Is it really worth it to have programs that have such a huge impact on students across the state be lost because the roughly $4 million dollars that it encompasses would be better suited towards another use? Jerry, as you gaze out your office window today at the tractors and sea of blue jackets know that you are looking at the future of agriculture in this state. They are going to be the ones who are on the forefront of producing the food we eat and the clothes we wear on our back along with finding ways to sustain an ever growing population so the choice is up to you….I trust you will do the right thing….

PS. Happy hump day peeps and continue to visit, write and email Jerry Brown and let him know there is more to this state than liberals, movie stars and beaches and remember……Have heart, have money and most importantly have hustle.

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