Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Has anyone seen a jumbo jet?

Dear Malaysian Airlines,

Things that disappear:
1.       Socks in the dryer.
2.       Your keys just before you are late for work.
3.       Credit cards scattered throughout numerous bars any given weekend.
4.       My memory when indulging in Fireball. (The last two could go hand in hand)

Things that don’t disappear:
1.       Jumbo passenger jets with 200 plus people on them.

Wait, what’s that???...That last one actually just happened? How is it in a day and age that a satellite can decipher the facial expression of a monkey deep in an uncharted corner of a jungle from hundreds of miles away can this occur? The quick answer to this question would be a mechanical failure, pilot error or an act of terrorism that may or may not have brought down the Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam. If any of these three plausible explanations that are still being investigated by multiple governments happened, wouldn't there be some trace of debris scattered across land or water or an explosion picked up by radar or the aforementioned satellite imagining? The not so plausible explanations that are being tossed around by conspiracy theorists range from the plane has been hijacked by North Korea, it was swallowed by a wormhole to the always shady Illuminati. Since North Korea’s air force that consists of crop dusters and hang gliders lacks the technology to intercept a modern jet we can rule that out as the final destination of the flight and considering Fox and The SyFy Channel have yet to air a commercial for a special concerning the later I’m just going to assume that the plane’s final destination did not suffer either of those fates. The evidence that we do know is that the flight changed course right before its communications went black and the last words from the pilots in the cockpit to the air traffic controllers were; “All right, good night” which I never ever want to hear from a person flying a plane or operating any other moving device when my life is in their hands. These same Malaysian Airline pilots have been accused of letting people hangout in the cockpit during flights along with smoking one heater after the other which makes Southwest look like a first class operation. I along with everyone out there who enjoys traveling have followed this story with great interest and have thought of our own scenarios that forced the mysterious disappearance of this jet, its crew and passengers. For the sake of the families of all involved let’s hope that they find it or evidence of the final fate of it soon and if not I’m going to go with my own theory and assume Bush did it….

PS. Happy Hump day peeps on this beautiful afternoon in March. As much as this is my ideal weather keep praying for rain and remember…..Capitalism will save us all. 

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