Friday, March 28, 2014

The corruption that is California's Democratic Party

Dear California Democratic lawmakers,

I’ve seen this movie before….Mel Gibson and Danny Glover suffer from hilarity and hijinks along with leaving a few dead bodies scattered across the big screen as they try to stop the Chinese triad from running guns in the state. Wait a second, I think I’m getting Lethal Weapon 3 confused with the fourth installment of the franchise. Whichever way you look at it, the state of California’s Democratic Party resembles a script that was written up by the big money donors from Hollywood that keep them in office. While most of the voting public likes to label all politicians crooks the Democrats in Sacramento have taken it to a whole new level. First there was the corruption charges brought on in June of last year against Sen. Ron Calderon who represents a portion of the greater Los Angeles area. Bribery, fraud and money laundering were his criminal acts of choice. Following in the footsteps of yet another fine example of what’s wrong with politics is Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco. Politicians are always wanting to one up each other so instead of the usual charges suffered at the fate of Mr. Calderon, Leland Yee decided to add drug and gun trafficking along with murder for hire to his resume. Yes, the man who hails from the liberal bastion of San Francisco where corruption is as common place as the homeless who dot its streets has become the new poster boy for the broken legislative system of government in California. The problem with liberals (among many) is they want you to do what they think is right but at no time do they need to abide by these same laws. Mr. Yee was a stanch supporter of gun control laws and authored California Senate Bills 43 and 108 which would have expanded the definition of “assault rifles” and also would have told us the “proper” way on how to store firearms. So you are saying I can’t own a gun that is legal according the federal government but it’s legit for you to connect international arms dealers with Asian gangs in order to fulfill their automatic weapons needs??? How gracious of you. Associating yourself with the likes of the Chee Kung Tong gang and members who go by the handle “Shrimp Boy” and other unsavory characters whose names have me asking for extra soy sauce has all the makings for a short lived political career even by the lose political standards of a liberal California. Democrats, I have a simple lesson to teach you but it’s going to take some commitment on your part to follow through. Ethics is defined as: “moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior” It is an action that we are taught at a young age and it bodes well to carry it on through the phases of one’s life. Unfortunately this virtue is the first thing that is lost when one is elected into office.  An uneducated public are only sheep for so long. The failed promises and the corruption that you bring will eventually wear thin and you will soon be replaced by a future that the people of this great state can believe in. Democrats your time of controlling California is slowly coming to an end and this future Congressman is all smiles because of it….

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this blustery day in God’s Country, enjoy your weekend and remember….If you have chemistry, the only other thing you need is timing. 

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